May 17, 2010

Editing TestTrack RM Requirement Review Notes

Helix ALM
After you add a review note to a requirement, you may realize you need to add information to it or correct mistakes. Depending on your security permissions, you can edit review notes to make changes. Review notes are workflow events that can be edited like other events. The quickest way to edit a review note from Review Mode View in the Specification Document window is to click the Review Note link to edit the note. You can also edit review notes in the Edit Requirement dialog box:
  1. In the Specification Document window (Review Mode View), right-click the requirement with the review note you want to edit and choose View Requirement.
  2. Click Edit in the View Requirement window.
  3. Click the Workflow tab to view the workflow events.
  4. Right-click your review note and choose Edit Event. Workflow tab
  5. Make any changes and click OK. Click OK again to save the requirement.
If you need to edit a review note you added to a requirement document, click the Review Note link in the Document Notes pane in the Specification Document window or edit the note from the Workflow tab in the Edit Requirement Document window. If you have administrative privileges and want to allow users to edit review notes, you may need to make changes to field security. Make sure the Edit Privileges for the appropriate Review Note Fields is set to Read/Write.