October 12, 2010

Enhanced Change Logging in TestTrack

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2011 includes enhanced change logging that provides the ability to graphically view changes made to items. You can view the new and old values for each change made to an item on the History tab. Enhanced email change notifications can now highlight exactly what changed, even if it's only a couple words in a long description field or a simple priority change. To enable enhanced change logging, you need to select Enable historical item information logging and Enable detailed audit trail logging for item changes. This is set under Tools > Administration > Project Options > Compliance.  Select the item that you want to enable this for (Defects, Test Cases, Test Runs, Folders, Requirements, Requirement Documents). The following screenshot shows this option enabled for defects:

History Tab

Once changes are tracked with the enhanced change logging, you will see links on the history tab for an item. Any changes made before the enhanced change logging was enabled will not have a link.

Clicking on a link generates a change report that displays details of content added to and removed from an item each time it is saved. This report can help you determine the specific changes made to an item over time.

Email Notifications

You can use the new %CHNGHTML% field code in HTML email templates to include details about field changes in defects, requirements, requirement documents, test cases, and test runs. Content added to fields is displayed in green text and content removed from fields is displayed in red strikethrough text, making it easy for users to see the exact changes. The following screenshot shows an email template configured to show changes to an item graphically.

The following screenshot shows an email generated using the template in the previous screenshot.