May 9, 2013

Exploratory Testing: An Integral Part of the Full Testing Process

Test Management
Register for the STP Online Test Summit today!Despite a growing interest, many testers view exploratory testing as separate from other testing activities. They explore to discover things about the application, and then get down to their structured testing activities. Peter Varhol, solutions evangelist for Seapine Software, will deliver a session for the STP Online Summit called From Exploratory Testing to Test Automation on Tuesday, May 14, in which he explains why exploratory testing should be an integral part of the testing process. According to Peter, exploratory testing can be a path to structured testing activities. By creating test cases and recording your explorations, and automatically submitting defects during that process, you can incorporate your explorations seamlessly into a larger structured testing process. This session provides actionable ways to use exploratory testing as a jumping off point for creating manual test cases, automating those test cases, and submitting and tracking defects found as a result of exploratory testing. Peter emphasizes through example how exploratory testing can become an integral part of the full testing process, and concludes with several actionable takeaways that enable testers to immediately use exploratory testing as an entry to automation and defect tracking. Register for From Exploratory Testing to Test Automation today, and be sure to check out the other great sessions at the STP Online Summit for Test Automation: Anatomy, Architecture & Approaches.

Register for the STP Online Test Summit today!