March 19, 2014

Exposing Issues without Test Cases in TestTrack 2014

Helix ALM
Issue Management
In TestTrack 2014, there are two ways users can identify issues that don't have test cases:
  1. By viewing links in issues
  2. By viewing links in the Issues list window
When viewing an issue, a triangle indicator on the Links tab means a test case was created for that issue. The user can click the tab to view the links and verify that a test case was created. [caption id="attachment_14036" align="aligncenter" width="377"]TestTrack triangle indicator A triangle indicator above the Links tab means a test case was created for that issue. (Click to enlarge.)[/caption] If the Links tab does not have a triangle indicator, a test case has not been created from the issue and the user can click the Create Test Case button to add one. Users can also see issues with related test cases in the Issues list window by adding a column that shows if issues have links. Right-click a column header and select an option in Link Fields list. [caption id="attachment_14041" align="aligncenter" width="375"]TestTrack Links Field TestTrack users can select "Has Links" to see if an issue has a link associated.[/caption] Select Has Links to see if an issue has at least one link of any item type. If a specific link definition was generated for linking test cases created from issues, select that definition. In the new column, the user can quickly scan the list window for Yes or No to see the issues that do not have test cases. One last note: It's easy to create a test case from an issue in TestTrack. When a test case is created, the user is prompted to link the items, or a link is automatically created (depending on the project settings). Links make it easy to determine at a glance if an issue has a related test case.