June 11, 2014

Free White Paper Offers System Integration Testing Tips

System Integration Testing white paperIf you're testing a small, simple software system, you can probably get away with taking a short cut or two. That's not the case for larger, more complicated systems typically found at the enterprise level. When you're testing the integration of new modules on a system of that size and complexity, you want to get it right. It's the last chance to find defects and issues before the new system goes live and problems start to negatively affect the users and, ultimately, your business. Seapine's new white paper, 6 Tips for Successful System Integration Testing, covers six best practices to help establish a better process for performing system integration testing on large, complex projects. In this white paper, we cover how to expand and improve your use of test environments, test data, and repositories. We also discuss the impact of issue triage, communication planning, and automated reporting on your integration testing effort. Download your free copy of 6 Tips for Successful System Integration Testing, and make your next integration go smoothly.