December 27, 2011

Get More From the TestTrack Agile Task Board

Helix ALM
The TestTrack Agile Task Board gives team the ability to work with project information via a web browser or mobile device. In a previous post, we discussed how to configure the task board. In this post, I'd like to share more information about how you can use the task board.

Mobile Meetings

The Task Board is a great way to enhance your existing meetings and stand-ups, whether they’re in a conference room or just outside of your cube. Meeting leaders can use an iPad or other tablet computer to give everyone insight into project status and make changes to project artifacts on the fly. Remote team members can get a real-time view of the same information, with the ability to view and update work items along with the rest of the team. Meetings become much more efficient, and the team isn’t left in the dark just because a member or two might be traveling and unable to reach a computer to provide their updates.

Role-Based Security

When a user opens the Agile Task Board, their login credentials are passed to the TestTrack Server, ensuring that role-based privileges and the data they are authorized to see also apply to the task board. If their TestTrack security doesn’t allow them to change defect status, for example, they won’t be allowed to change status from  the task board either.

Configurable Workflow

The Agile Task Board is configured to follow the workflow defined in a specific TestTrack project, and syncs all changes between the task board and that project. As your processes change or you find better ways to work, you can change the task board view by modifying the workflow in the TestTrack project. Those modifications will be reflected in real-time in the task board.

Bi-Directional Sync

The Agile Task Board automatically refreshes on a preset schedule, and users can manually refresh at any time to ensure they have the most current information. This keep task board data up-to-date and synchronized with the TestTrack Server. Teams that use a combination of traditional client tools and web interfaces can work together without worrying about acting on different data.

Agile Task Board Enhancements

The Agile Task Board runs on the standard SOAP interface, enabling teams to customize and enhance the interface in any number of ways. With some web scripting skills and an understanding of how to call the SOAP API from those scripts, or the help of the Seapine Services team, teams can get any data or reports available in TestTrack delivered straight to the Agile Task Board. Please contact [email protected] for more information and a demonstration of the TestTrack Agile Task Board.