August 13, 2012

Getting Familiar with TestTrack Issues with the Overview Tab

Helix ALM
When a TestTrack issue is assigned to me, the first thing I do is open it and look at the Overview tab to learn more about the issue and what I need to do with it. This tab shows a read-only summary of all activities related to the item, including workflow events and emails. It is a good big picture view of work already completed on the issue and other information I need to know from team members to do my work. The Overview tab has two panes:
  • The Description pane shows who reported the issue and a description. If the issue has multiple reports, each one is displayed.
  • The Workflow Events and Emails pane shows all workflow events added to the issue and any tracked emails. The most recent information added to the issue is displayed at the top of the list. To view more details about an event or email, click the corresponding link.

Overview Tab

There are a couple of helpful options in the upper right corner of the tab you may want to use customize your view:
  • By default, line breaks are removed from the description, workflow events, and emails. To include line breaks for readability, select Show Line Breaks.
  • By default, the Workflow Events and Emails pane is displayed under the Description pane. To view the panes side by side, click the Change overview orientation button.

Overview tab options

You can also drag the splitter between the panes to view more or less information. The Overview tab is also available for requirements, requirement documents, test cases, and test runs. If you don’t want to use the Overview tab, you can hide it. Choose Tools > Options and then click Overview Tab in the Display category.