March 21, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday TestTrack

Helix ALM
On March 20, 1996, after 1.5 years of development, a shiny new software product was released by a shiny new company. I’m referring to TestTrack and Seapine of course. TestTrack was Mac-only at first—Bug Tracking the Macintosh Way. Windows 95 and Windows NT followed in 1997 and web browser support in 1998. In the mid-90s, bug tracking or anything remotely resembling application lifecycle management (ALM) tools were in their relative infancy. Developer tools that paid attention to usability details were even rarer. TestTrack in many ways pioneered or expanded on the concepts of workflow automation, filters, notifications, web browser interface, and numerous other technologies that are standard in today’s development tools. [caption id="attachment_18281" align="aligncenter" width="612"]TT-Design-Notes-Feb-1995 A page from my design notebook circa 1995. TestTrack was originally based on Metrowerks PowerPlant, portions of which I ported to Windows with TestTrack.[/caption] Over the past 20 years, Seapine has grown into a multi-product company and globally recognized leader in ALM tools. For me, the journey has truly been the reward and it all began with an idea to help others manage quality with the kinds of tools I would like to use and be proud to have created. Happy 20th birthday TestTrack!