June 27, 2014

How to Add Story Point Metrics in TestTrack: A Customer's View

Helix ALM
parkour smallIf your team practices an agile methodology, you may be interested in how Segue Technologies has customized TestTrack. Segue has gone beyond the basic TestTrack configuration and created new user-defined custom fields that provide them with powerful new metrics to help better manage their agile software projects. As part of a series of TestTrack articles, Segue blogger Walter Jackson talks about how to add story point metrics in TestTrack:
For projects following an Agile methodology, you can use TestTrack’s custom fields feature to define a Story_Points field where users may enter their Story Points estimates. You can also define two calculated metrics fields to assess how well the estimated time to perform work and the actual time spent performing the work compare to the original Story Point level-of-effort estimate. You can then set up Live Chart reports to display these metrics for project quality assessment analysis.
Jackson gives you a great step-by-step overview of how to set up these agile Live Chart reports. Head over to the Segue blog and check it out. And if you're currently transitioning to agile in a safety-critical environment, be sure to check out our new white paper.