December 19, 2014

How to Split Items in TestTrack

Helix ALM
Splitting items (tasks, stories, tests, requirements, etc.) is often required when a task is not 100% Done at the end of a sprint or iteration. TestTrack supports splitting items across multiple sprints or iterations. To do this, you want to duplicate the item. As the name suggests, this will create a duplicate card that can then be adjusted to match the exact hours or story points for each card.

Split an Item

To get started, select the item you want to split from the list view or task board. If you're using the desktop client, right-click the item to duplicate it. If you're using the web client, select Duplicate from the Action drop-down menu. SplitTask The "Duplicate Options" dialog opens. This dialog allows you to define exactly what you would like to duplicate and also provides an option to create a link between the two items. Creating a link between the two cards allows you to report on the relationship in the future. I recommend clearing the Workflow checkbox in the 'Copy the following' section so old assignments, estimates, and work updates aren't copied to the new item. This lets you assign and estimate the new item based on how much work is left and who will be doing that work. DuplicateOptions Click the Duplicate button to complete the action.

Adjust Time

By default TestTrack splits the two cards as equal copies of each other. Once duplicated, you can adjust each item's hours or story points to more accurately reflect how much work was completed on the old item and how much remains on the new item. To adjust remaining hours on the old item, you should be able to just apply an event that closes out the item and marks it as Done. If you've set up your workflow and time tracking right, this should automatically zero out the remaining hours. The last step then is to move the new item into the appropriate sprint or iteration folder, enter an estimate, and assign it to a team member to work on. You can drag and drop the new item across folders from the folder item list view then apply workflow events to estimate and assign the item.