September 10, 2014

How to Work Efficiently in a Hybrid Git-Perforce Environment

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MERGE User Conference
Helix Core

At Trend Micro, Perforce’s P4D is the corporate standard for version management. But with some developers using Git, we needed a system that would keep all of our 2,000+ developers happy, regardless of their platform, while ensuring operational efficiency. Our Engineering Tools and Services (ETS) team has its own quality and automation tools and they don’t support Git, which left our Git users noncompliant with the company’s coding policies.

The solution for us was Git Fusion, which we installed in less than three hours. We immediately saw an increase in productivity as a result of code sharing between Git and Perforce users, and our uniform access control policies were enforced across the board for a more robust security profile. In this secure environment, developers collaborate together regardless of whether they’re working in Git or P4D, and we can pursue continuous integration with code analysis and automated build, test and deployment.

Our presentation at MERGE 2014 will go into more detail about the Trend Micro environment and the benefits we’ve seen thanks to Git Fusion. Moreover, we share three good practices in using Perforce which make our work more efficient. We hope to see you there! 


MERGE 2014, the Perforce Conference, is September 17-19 in San Francisco. Register now to hear from Trend Micro and other innovators!