Transfer Large Binary Files in Minutes, Not Hours

Every company is becoming a software company. Files sizes are getting larger, teams are becoming more distributed. In order for teams to be productive across multiple locations, files need to be transferred at real-time rates. Having a version control software platform that can scale efficiently is critical to delivering software faster and with higher quality.

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Innovate Without Limits

Helix supports hundreds of millions of transactions a day, billions of files, and petabytes of storage – which means thousands of users can get in, get out, and do what they need to do.


Massive Repos

With limitless repo sizes, you can keep everything together. Store millions of files and petabytes of data.

Global Teams

Scale globally, work locally with Helix Core's federated architecture, and DVCS, and Helix TeamHub Enterprise for your Git environments.


Thousands of Users

Optimized commands, lockless reads, and exclusive file locking to enhance productivity for thousands of concurrent users.


Continuous Integration

Run as many concurrent builds as you need to seamlessly manage your Continuous Delivery pipeline at scale.

Lightning-Fast Commits

Go about the daily grind, even if your largest commits are bigger than the recommended size for entire repos in other tools.


Git at Scale

Take control over your source code and build artifact repositories while achieving high-performance builds with Helix TeamHub Enterprise.

Helix Core

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The Most Scalable Version Control System Available

That's what our customers say.


NVIDIA Has Over 8,000 Users...

...and they perform 88.5 million transactions/day.

To put that in perspective, that's:

  • 3,867,500 transactions/hour
  • 61,458 transactions/minute
  • 1024 transactions/second
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Git Operations at Helix Speed

We tested concurrent Git shallow clone operations vs. P4 sync operations with Android on a 1 Gbps link and this is what we discovered:

Before: 10 concurrent Git shallow clone operations fetching 1,011 Git repositories from a Git server took 4 hours and 3 minutes

After: 10 concurrent P4 sync operations fetching 1,011 Git repositories (stored in Graph Depot) took 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Helix VCS Scalability Example

Pick Up The Pace with Helix Core

Leave your competition in the dust. 

Binary Asset Management

Seamlessly handle large, binary files from a single repository as you build complex software, games optimized for 4K, the next box-office hit, or embedded components for consumer devices:

  • Graphics and Video
  • 3D Modeling
  • Simulation Files
  • Build Artifacts
Source code management platforms allow you to store your build artifacts, such as Maven and Ivy repos, with your source code

Global Access to Files

Perforce federated architecture is one of the fastest ways to keep remote sites synchronized with your central servers so teams always have the latest version of everything within grasp.

Perforce federated architecture:

  • Distributes workload to local server replicas.
  • Eliminates round-trips to a central server.
  • Replicates behind the scenes to keep everything in sync.
  • Supports third-party WAN accelerators to further enhance federated deployments.
Helix TeamHub Enterprise is an alternative to a Git LFS server.

Continuous Integration, Faster Builds, and Continuous Delivery

No matter your setup, Helix Core powers high performance continuous integration, build, and delivery environments:

  • Support tens of thousands of concurrent users and files of any size or type.
  • Boost transaction rates through lockless reads for improved database concurrency.
  • Store your project as a mono repo on your desktop workspace for faster, easier builds when working remotely.
  • Sync down multi-GB of data to remote build machines.
Scheduled automation tests

Code Collaboratively in Helix Swarm

Helix Swarm is a code review and collaboration tool that offers native integration with Helix Core for faster iteration and seamless workflows.

Deploy Helix Swarm as a local instance in a remote location by connecting it to the central server so that remote users can speed up connection and start the code review process through their local instance.

Online code collaboration platforms like Helix TeamHub facilitate collaborative and intuitive code reviews

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew

Enterprise Git solutions have never satisfied the needs of true enterprises. Helix TeamHub Enterprise, powered by Helix4Git, raises the bar, delivering unprecedented performance, instant scale, and complete control over your source code and build artifact repositories:

  • Achieve jaw-dropping build performance — up to 80% faster!
  • Centrally manage large source code and artifact repositories without limitation on file numbers, types, or sizes.
  • Collaborate on a modern, intuitive platform to streamline development with branch-based code review, Kanban boards, project-based Wikis, and more.
  • Speed up code reviews with issue tracking, side-by-side diffs, code browsing, code comparison, code search, highlighting, linking and more.
Git Workflows for Global Teams

Best Practices for Version Management

You’re drowning in options: Helix Core, Git, SVN, Mercurial. But which one should you choose? Become a lean, mean version-control-choosing machine when you download this guide to assessing and deploying quality, robust version management software.

7 Steps for Choosing an Version Control System

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