Repository Management Evolution

The software development landscape is always changing—best-in-class organizations figure out how to change with it, without impacting software quality and productivity.


Version Control Systems

Once upon a time, there were development teams who didn’t use version control. Today, we have too many version control systems. This makes it harder to collaborate, manage, and secure intellectual property.

Enterprise Growth

Companies are growing – creating and innovating at lightning speed. They often have geographically dispersed teams, thousands of developers, and millions of files spread across multiple or disparate repositories.

DevOps Adoption

Many quality problems can be solved by automation. That’s why quality is the top driver of DevOps adoption, and version control is a key building block to building automation.

As user expectations soar and continuously evolve, you need more than a place to store and version your code. You need a repository management system with a comprehensive feature set.

Centralizes management of source code


Creates Instant visibility for team leaders.


Streamlines team member workflows.


Simplifies auditing and compliance.


Ensures control for IT and Build Engineers.

Protects your intellectual property.

Multiple Repository Types

Sometimes, disparate repos come into play due to acquisitions, remote teams, or from legacy projects. Perhaps you acquire a company that uses SVN. Or, your team of developers are transitioning to Git, but the team still needs read-only access to the old code base for reference as they build the new technology.

Helix TeamHub is an enterprise-level code hosting and collaboration solution for teams of all sizes. It’s the first code hosting solution that is truly enterprise-focused by supporting multiple VCS source code repositories, including Git, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial (Hg).

Helix TeamHub helps teams with source code control across multiple VCS including Git and Mercurial

Beyond Source Code Management

Increasingly, non source-code assets make up the product development picture and need to be versioned and managed. This includes binary files providing dependencies, build scripts, databases and build artifacts; even graphic arts files for a game development operation.

Helix TeamHub lets you store your build artifacts with your source code, for one centralized view. Helix TeamHub supports both Maven and Ivy repositories.

Source code management platforms allow you to store your build artifacts, such as Maven and Ivy repos, with your source code

One Project; Multiple Repos

Projects often have multiple repos, sometimes by necessity (large numbers of files won’t work in a single Git repo) and sometimes by desire (separating code by function.) The ability to manage all of your repos under a project, with documentation and issue management built-in, is why repository management is so essential today.

In Helix TeamHub, you have the ability to create projects that contain multiple repos. This is a big plus for collaboration, documentation, and issue management.

Repository management platforms like Helix TeamHub allow you to manage all of your repos under one project

CI/CD Build Automation

One of the biggest benefits of repository management is that it lets you implement CI/CD build automation to deliver quality software, with fewer defect counts and as a result boost developer productivity.

With easy to use APIs for all your favorite integrations, Helix TeamHub delivers value at every stage of the development process: for developers and development leaders, DevOps engineers and leaders, and even IT professionals. Learn more.

Source code management platforms like Helix TeamHub foster CI/CD build automation

Modern Source Code Control and Comprehensive Repository Management

Helix TeamHub is your centralized, intuitive solution for code hosting and repository management.


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