June 16, 2011

Introducing Seapine ALM Reporting Platform

Helix ALM
There is a new addition to Seapine ALM product suite—Seapine ALM Reporting Platform (Seapine ALM RP). Seapine ALM RP is a database warehouse that can contain data from the entire Seapine ALM suite. This means you can have data from the Seapine License Server, TestTrack, Surround SCM, and QA Wizard Pro in a single, normalized database. [caption id="attachment_8691" align="aligncenter" width="566" caption="Seapine ALM Reporting Platform"]Seapine ALM Reporting Platform[/caption] Seapine ALM RP is not for everyone. If you are already getting the reports you need from the products, then Seapine ALM RP is not for you. For those of you who need custom reports that may span different projects in TestTrack, different mainlines in Surround SCM, or different product databases, Seapine ALM RP is right for you. What are the benefits? There are several benefits to using Seapine ALM RP. Here are just a few:
  • Writing reports is much easier against a normalized database.
  • Writing reports across silos is easier if the data is in a single database.
  • Writing reports is much faster against a database optimized for reporting, as opposed to writing reports against a database optimized for application performance.
  • Running reports against a separate database instance frees resources from your production environment.
So is Seapine ALM RP a reporting tool? Seapine ALM RP is not a reporting tool. It simply reads the data from the various databases and imports the data into its database warehouse. It is up to you to write reports with a reporting tool. Sample reports are provided but, due to the configurability of our tools, chances are you will need to modify the reports to some extent. If you don't have time or resources to write your own reports, please consider using our Professional Services. How do I get Seapine ALM RP? Because Seapine ALM RP is not for everyone and there are specific requirements that must be in place first, this is not a downloadable install. Please contact your sales representative if you would like more information about Seapine ALM RP.