July 25, 2012

It's Summer, Be Nice to Your IT Team

Helix ALM
Don’t make your IT team work nights or weekends maintaining your product development tools—that’s what winter is for! Just kidding, they shouldn’t have to work nights and weekends any time of year. Whether you’re new to TestTrack or a long-time customer, make sure you’re taking advantage of these time-savers.


This is an easy one to configure, and saves IT from having to upgrade desktop clients at every TestTrack release. Your IT team just needs to upgrade the server, then users will be prompted to automatically upgrade their clients the next time they login. This means you can upgrade sooner, and take advantage of cool new features! http://youtu.be/SzE-YIM3q0M  

Flexible Licensing

You might be surprised to hear this, but not every tool out there offers both named and floating licenses. Floating licenses are a big time-saver because they can be assigned to all of your users with just a couple clicks, and then the system manages assigning them as users login. We take the floating license concept one step further though, allowing you to define blocks or pools of floating licenses, which gives you more granular control of access to licenses. For example, you could split 10 floating licenses into pools of 5, then assign QA one pool and Dev the other pool. That way one team can’t control all the TestTrack licenses! On a (remotely) related note, you should also check out the new Seapine PDS licenses for your power users and folks that need access to everything TestTrack has to offer.

Integrated User Authentication

Here’s one that many web-only tools still haven’t figured out: how to use your desktop credentials for authentication. This keeps the dreaded “I forgot my password” email from showing up in the help desk inbox at 6 pm on a Sunday! TestTrack supports all the standard LDAP servers and SSO on Windows, which means single-click login for you. For IT it’s one less database of user information they need to create, maintain, and secure. If you're not using one or more of these, ping your IT team and make a friendly suggestion that they at least investigate it for their own good. And, if they need help setting anything up, Seapine's world-class tech support is just a phone call away.