June 19, 2008

Life on Mars

Surround SCM
I’d like to draw your attention to an area of Seapine’s web site you may not be aware of. Seapine has a lab site at http://labs.seapine.com, where we post things that aren’t supported yet but might make your life easier. The Surround area has some nice tips and discussions about how some things work, and some scripts and add-ons that you might find interesting. For the Macintosh users in the audience (we’re the ones looking all smug and superior till we have to connect to our companies Exchange server), I’d like to draw your attention to some AppleScripts written by yours truly. The first is here and provides some instructions on how to use Microsoft Word on the Mac for merging and diffing documents. In addition, this has some AppleScripts for adding common Surround commands to the Word menu on the Mac. For everyone, there is also a python script to provide a rudimentary annotate function. And this is a whole set of sample trigger scripts. You may even find a set of Window batch commands for putting Surround reports on your web site. Since this is the lab area, some things can be a little raw. And don’t be surprised if you blow the dust off a link and find something that now is incorporated in the product. But hopefully this is a collection of tricks and scripts which can make your use of Surround that much better. Feel free to wander around the lab, and take anything you like. Just don't put anything you find there in your mouth. Those AppleScripts can leave a nasty aftertaste.