April 2, 2012

Maximizing Requirements Value Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Requirements Management
Value Stream MappingIf application lifecycle management (ALM) is the mastery of the software value stream, then that stream starts with requirements. Requirements are the source of more than just a set of guidelines for what sort of product to build. They also provide a wealth of information critical to making the right decisions throughout the development and delivery process, and information that participants in this process need at every step along the way. Join us on April 26 for a webinar featuring Tom Grant, Ph.D., Senior Analyst at independent research firm Forrester Research, and Jeff Amfahr, Director of Product Management at Seapine Software. They will provide insight into the evolving role of requirements in the product development lifecycle, highlighting:
  • The increasing strategic importance of requirements at the head of the value stream.
  • How personnel and processes are adapting to maximize requirements value throughout the lifecycle.
  • Where traceability, context, and retrospection can go beyond just bookkeeping.
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