September 3, 2013

My First Git Fusion Eclipse Plug-in


For the past several months, I've been on loan to the Git Fusion QA team.  It's been interesting to see the intersection of these two very different systems.  One thing our development team has done is extended some of the git commands to return Perforce and Git Fusion specific information.  Here's a page from our user manual:

Special commands in Git Fusion

I thought it was pretty convenient to get this information without leaving the command line where the git user is probably typing.

Then I thought it might be nice for the Eclipse user to see this same information in an Eclipse natural way and at the same time get rid of that nasty "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly" error.   So I decided to write a simple Git Fusion Eclipse plug-in that included a view to see this information. 

After installing, I just:

1.) Click the "Enter Git Fusion Server" button which brings up a URL dialog:


2.) Enter the Git Fusion URL, click the "OK" button

3.) Click the "info" button on the view

Now you can see Git Fusion information in the comfort of your Eclipse IDE.

Source code is located at //guest/liz_lam/git_fusion_info on the Public Depot (

Feel free to give it a spin and play around with it.