June 22, 2016

NEW EBOOK: Discover 20 TestTrack Superpowers

Helix ALM
In March of this year, we marked TestTrack’s 20th birthday. To celebrate this milestone birthday, we’re showcasing 20 of TestTrack’s “superpowers” in… cover_3d_400x400It’s no secret TestTrack has grown more powerful in the past 20 years. We’ve added more features, evolving TestTrack into a leading application lifecycle management (ALM) tool and a true Champion of Quality. TestTrack: Champion of Quality is a fun, informative ebook that explores 20 of those features, such as email tracking, enhanced testing, item mapping rules, and more. We’ve even included a look at TestTrack’s newest muscular feature, Word export! Inside, you’ll learn how to:
  • Beat tasks into submission with task boards!
  • Alert your team to danger with field value styles!
  • Slice through your data with filters!
Do you know everything TestTrack is capable of? Download your free copy of TestTrack: Champion of Quality and see what you’ve been missing!