June 10, 2014

New White Paper Helps You Overcome Common Barriers to Agile

Transitioning to Agile white paperIt seems like the whole world is going agile these days. Even safety-critical companies—medical device manufacturers, carmakers, aerospace firms, etc.—are sprinting toward agile product development methods. But can agile work in a safety-critical environment? Yes, but there can be barriers. Many teams find it difficult to translate familiar, traditional terms and processes into agile. Some struggle with how to meet regulatory requirements while adhering to the new methodology. Others are met with resistance from within the organization. Seapine's free white paper, Transitioning to Agile in a Safety-Critical Environment, discusses the common barriers to successfully adopting agile methods,  describes tactics for overcoming them, and offers examples of safety-critical companies that have successfully made the transition. Agile development can reduce costs, improve quality, and help get products to market faster. Download the white paper now and overcome the barriers to seizing all of agile's benefits.