May 18, 2011

Object Oriented Testing

Helix ALM
In the world of software testing, testers need to test complex software in relatively short time frames. One thing that testers could learn from software development is the object oriented approach, which is commonly know as object oriented testing. This basic concept enables testers to create a large number of procedures, functions, routines, and methods that are independent of the core testing scripts. While object oriented testing takes some planning, the rewards can be clearly measured in time savings and reduction of unnecessary duplication of testing code. For example, you're testing an online shop where communication with customers is done primarily using email. So, test scripts must be able to validate that the online application correctly checks for valid email addresses. Creating a subroutine to check for a valid email address is a great way of showing how one simple function can be reused in not just one web site but a large number of applications. Because the subroutine can function independently from the testing scripts, it can simply be called to validate the address sent to it. In most cases, the subroutine will return a true or false value. In QA Wizard Pro you can create your own set of subroutines easily, so let's get started with a basic function. In this example, an email address is sent to a function that validates the email address and returns true or false based on the input.
I have also included a text copy of the script, so you can copy and paste it into your QA Wizard Pro scripts if you would like to use it.