March 10, 2015

Optimizing TestTrack Workflow Events for Task Board Drag and Drop

Helix ALM
Here's a tip to help your team quickly move cards between columns in a task board. If you've watched any of the Getting Started with Task Boards webinars or started using the task boards, you know the workflow defines where a card can go next. Keep reading and learn how to eliminate user prompts when a card is dropped into a new column. The following screenshot shows a task board setup from the Sample Scrum Project in TestTrack, and you can see that Joe Developer has stories and tasks (each represented by a card) in the Backlog and In Development columns. The workflow for stories and tasks defines whether he can drag those cards into the In Testing or Done states. TaskBoardCols1Here's the stories and tasks workflow setup in the sample project: Workflow

Marking a Task as Done

Let's say that Joe is working on task #16 (TSK-16) in the task board, and he's ready to move it forward in the development process. That task is in the In Progress state and, if you look at the workflow diagram, you'll see that there's only one way out of that state—into the Done state via the Done event. Based on how the task board is setup, the Done state is mapped to the Done column. When Joe drops the card into the Done column, the Done event will be applied. By default, the Done event will prompt Joe when he finishes his drag and drop action. If you're not expecting Joe to assign the task to someone else or enter time tracking data as part of the Done event, avoid that prompt by selecting the "Do not show the dialog box when entering this event" option in the Edit Event window (Tools > Administration > Workflow, then click the Events tab for Stories/Tasks). DoneEvent Once you've upgraded to TestTrack 2015 and started using task boards, take some time to go through your workflow and look for chances to eliminate prompts like this one. It'll save users time and make the task board easier to use. Also, check out the help to learn more task board best practices.