June 25, 2015

[Press Release] Seapine Software Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Dedicated customers and employees are bedrocks of Seapine’s success

CINCINNATI—June 25, 2015—Thanks to loyal customers like Mettler Toledo, and Epic Games, Seapine Software will celebrate its 20th anniversary this month. The company, which was co-founded in 1995 by Rick and Kelly Riccetti, began with one product—TestTrack Macintosh—and has since grown to become a leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions used by more than 8,500 customers worldwide. In an ever-changing business environment with constantly evolving technology, 20 successful years in business represents an outstanding achievement that can be attributed to loyal customers and the dedication of Seapine Software’s employees and their commitment to exceeding customers’ needs. "The past 20 years have been exciting, challenging, and rewarding," said Rick Riccetti, president and CEO, Seapine Software. "We have customers who have taken the entire journey with us—having purchased in the first few months after Kelly and I released TestTrack from the basement of our house on Seapine Court in Maineville, Ohio. We’re extremely proud of that." Many of Seapine Software’s customers have been with the company since TestTrack was launched in 1996, and have benefited from their software investment as Seapine’s product line has matured and expanded to include test case management and requirements management capabilities. "We started using TestTrack 17 years ago as an issue tracking tool to manage change requests and defects for our software product," said Urs Wuest, head of software development, Mettler Toledo. Wuest continued, "We now have a solution that allows us to manage the product development process from requirements engineering to implementation, test, and maintenance of our products." Seapine Software also prides itself on providing a positive work environment that energizes employees, fosters creativity, and improves collaboration between departments. Employees agree that it is a great place to work. Andrew Hoffmaster, TestTrack development manager, said, "Seapine has given me opportunities to expand my professional skills and grow as a programmer and manager. It's exciting to hear how Seapine customers use our products to make their lives easier-—I find that both motivating and rewarding." Judy Test, CFO, added, "I love working at Seapine for so many reasons but the simple truth is that, while I could do accounting almost anywhere, I choose to do it at Seapine." To learn more, visit www.seapine.com/about-us/20-year-anniversary.