June 14, 2013

A Proportional Response

Helix ALM
One of the great features we added to TestTrack Pro over the last year was the matrix report, which allows you to create highly customized views of your data with full visibility on links and traceability. Like all TestTrack reports, the actual report is created as an HTML file and opened in your current default browsers. We found that a number of our customers, especially those in life sciences, like to use this report to generate a complete overview of all or large parts of their data. Although TestTrack can return this back, some browsers are unable to handle an HTML view with this much data. In addition, since these reports are often archived for compliance reasons, they need a format that works when not connected to the TestTrack server. We’ll be adding functionality to handle this case in the TestTrack system in the future. In the interim, I’ve created a small sample application that might help. The sample uses the TestTrack SOAP SDK to present you with a list of matrix reports. It then runs the report and save it in a set of HTML files, each one small enough to be opened by a browser. The code is based on a previous example from Matt Harp. Download the matrix report runner zip file, which includes both the code as well as a built version of the application. This is sample code, provided as is, so feel free to extend or modify it to fit your particular needs. Note: Seapine does not provide support for samples. Matrix WIndow