May 14, 2010

Running Multiple TestTrack Clients on Mac OS X

Helix ALM
I prefer using Mac OS X as my operating system. However, I often need to connect to multiple projects at once. This is a problem because Mac OS X only supports running one instance of an Application Bundle, so you can only run one instance of TestTrack at a time. There is a workaround for this however. First, make sure you have "Allow multiple instances" turned on in your Tools->Local Options. [caption id="attachment_2250" align="alignnone" width="512" caption="TestTrack User Options dialog"][/caption]

Next, copy your TrackTrack from your /Applications/TestTrack folder to some convenient location, such as your home directory or your desktop. You can copy this by either right-clicking TestTrack and selecting "Copy TestTrack" or pressing the Alt/Option key then dragging your TestTrack application to your other directory.

You can now launch TestTrack from the /Application/TestTrack folder and your new folder at the same time. Both applications can be placed in your Dock as well.