August 13, 2009

Seapine Webinar: Transparent Traceability

Requirements Management
Last week, Seapine Software presented a webinar called "Transparent Traceability in Life Sciences: A practical approach to compliance in your development lifecycle".  The program was presented by Paula Rome, Sr. Product Manager, and myself and was moderated by Jay Luis, VP of Marketing.  Preparing for these webinars is harder than I thought but we're all very happy with the result. The presentation focused on how using an integrated solution for requirements, testing, and resolving issues can lead to more control and better project traceability without your staff worrying about being compliant with company, customer, or government standards. Although the program was oriented at the Life Sciences market, there is a lot of good information that could also benefit companies outside that market.  Click here to view the 45 minute recording of the presentation; take a look and see if you can benefit from using an integrated solution.