July 16, 2008

Software Quality as a Safe Haven

"I think we're in flight-to-quality mode," said Michael Gross, broker and futures analyst with OptionSellers.com. His quote came from a recent article in the Wall Street Journal where he was referring to the fact that gold futures rose as the market bought the metal as a safe haven against troubled markets. Many software development organizations are also in a "flight-to-quality" mode as they focus on software quality as a safe haven in regards to their customer loyalty strategies. Seapine Software recently released the quality-ready assessment. The QRA is a high-level evaluation tool that helps develop­ment organizations measure the state of their software quality-readiness in four key ALM competency areas. Those areas include tracking, testing, change, and automation. Nearly 1,000 individuals have already completed the QRA survey, and according to the results 65 percent of the respondents stated that building quality into their software was either a top or high priority. In addition, the survey found that the top two factors driving organizations to focus on application lifecycle management solutions are:
  • The need to reduce risk by preventing poor quality from impacting customer satisfaction
  • The need to quickly respond to customer requests and requirements
Customer loyalty is hard won, which means software companies cannot risk the release of a buggy product. Yet development organizations still struggle to achieve quality and deliver products on time and within budget as the research also indicates that more than one-third of companies completed their application development on time and within budget less than 75 percent of the time. If these organizations release once a year, that means they are only on time and within budget once every four years. For more details on this important topic I recommend that you download and read "Identifying the Cost of Poor Quality."