August 7, 2014

Spotlighting Important Data in TestTrack List Windows

Helix ALM
We know your team has a lot of data in TestTrack and sometimes (often times?) it's hard to wade through all of that text-based information to find what's really important in the moment. The new Field Value Styles in TestTrack 2014.1 allow you to use colors, icons and different fonts to differentiate information and work with large amounts of data faster. There are two components to using the field value styles. First you create a style and then you apply that style to certain types of data.

Create a Field Value Style

To get started go to Tools > Administration > Field Value Styles. If the menu option is grayed out, check Administration permissions within your security group. Click Add to create a new style. In this example I've created a style called Passed that does 3 things.
  1. Changes the text color to green
  2. Bolds the text
  3. Places an icon before the text
The icon I used here is installed with TestTrack in the workflowicons folder, which is in the client installation directory. You can also use your own icons as long as they're 16x16 pixels. CreateFieldStyle

Apply a Field Value Style

Now that you have a Field Style, you can start applying it to different fields. For this example, I'm going to apply my Passed style to the workflow status of test runs. To do that, go to Tools > Administration > Workflow and select Test Runs from the drop-down menu. Then edit the Passed state and set the Style drop-down to the Passed style. You can set the style for any workflow state on any item type, as well as any general or custom drop-down field. For general and custom fields, go to Tools > Configure List Values > Field name to assign a style to a value. UseFieldStyle Here's the new field styles in action on the Test Runs list window. ViewFieldStlye