April 29, 2016

TestTrack 2016 Sneak Peek: Recording and Slides Now Available

Helix ALM
webinarIn this sneak peek of TestTrack 2016, Gordon Alexander, Seapine Solutions Consultant, provided a preview of the key new features including how to:
  • Export Items to Word. You can now export all TestTrack items to Word! The completely rewritten export functionality makes it easy to produce documents that include the exact data you need, in the exact Word format you want.
  • View and Navigate to Linked Items. To quickly see links between items, you can now add columns with linked item information to list windows. Want to see more? Click a linked item and go straight to it to see more details.
  • Use Note Widgets with Dashboards. Want to easily share getting started information with new team members, provide links to important information for a sprint, or provide team contact information? Put a note, which can be seen by everyone, right on a dashboard.
https://youtu.be/XQPlEVWjAKA And here's a link to the slides used in the presentation: www.slideshare.net/seapine/testtrack-2016-sneak-peek