December 14, 2015

TestTrack and TFS Integration: the Power of Choice

Test Management
TestTrack SyncTestTrack 2015.1.2 recently shipped, and there was a particular feature that caught my eye:
• Attach files and changesets to TestTrack items from Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) at check in.
While this might seem like basic functionality, the salesperson in me was elated. Working in sales, I speak with hundreds of clients in a number of industries, all using a variety of development and lifecycle management tools. Inevitably, I have spoken to people who were using a product that didn’t quite meet their needs, but they were stuck with it because it was part of an existing license subscription. I’ve also encountered management teams that were reluctant to invest in a new toolset if it didn’t integrate with their existing tools. That is why I’m happy to say we can now address a fundamental business need for many organizations by providing integration between TestTrack ALM and TFS source code control. Many Windows-based development teams rely on TFS and Visual Studio as a cornerstone of their daily development activities. But many project managers, QA directors, and business analysts have been disappointed to find that the requirements traceability, test management, and task tracking functions in those tools are not nearly as strong as they are in TestTrack. And if their management team was reluctant to change tools, these groups were left to “do the best we can with what we have” or “stick to using Excel spreadsheets,” thus preventing them from taking advantage of the strong traceability offered in a tightly integrated ALM suite like TestTrack. Now, we can give our customers the power of choice. As I often tell my prospects and customers, my job is to empower you with the information you need to make a well-informed business decision for your company. With the TestTrack 2015.1.2 release, I am happily letting customers and prospects know they can now take advantage of the strong ALM capabilities TestTrack has to offer and still maintain their existing source code repository in TFS—they don’t have to stick with what’s not working any longer. In my experience, when developers are happy and project managers, business analysts, QA directors, and executive management are happy, it’s a win-win for everyone. To learn more about TestTrack’s TFS integration, see our earlier blog posts: