August 24, 2010

TestTrack SDK Expert Series

Helix ALM
If you've ever considered automating redundant tasks or integrating TestTrack with other tools in your development, quality, or support groups, you’ll want to join us for our upcoming TestTrack SDK webinar series. In this three-part webinar series, Jeff Horak, senior TestTrack engineer, will take you all the way from installing the TestTrack SDK to advanced techniques for integration and automation. Each webinar will include project demonstrations with code and execution results. Session 1: Getting Started with the TestTrack SDKWednesday, September 8 This session will cover the basics of installing and configuring the SDK, including web server, security, and language options. Three samples will also be demonstrated. Session 2: Extending and Automating the TestTrack SDKWednesday, September 29 During this session, you’ll learn how to work with TestTrack folders, modify custom field values, apply workflow events, and launch scripts from a TestTrack trigger or escalation rule. TestTrack TCM objects will also be covered, demonstrating how to work with test cases and test runs. Session 3: Zen Mastery of the TestTrack SDKWednesday, October 20 This session will focus on advanced SDK topics. TestTrack RM objects, which enable you to work with requirements, requirement documents, and rich text editing, will also be covered. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your TestTrack SDK skillset. Register today to become a TestTrack SDK expert!