August 2, 2016

TestTrack Superpower #1: Task Boards

Helix ALM
task boardsTasks are easy to defeat individually, but when they gang up on you, you're in a fight to the finish. Beat them down with interactive task boards. Combined with TestTrack’s nuclear-powered workflow engine, task boards give you advanced project management capabilities, no matter what product development methodology you’re using—Agile, Waterfall, or a mutant hybrid.

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Learn more about task boards and other superpowers in TestTrack: Champion of Quality! Over the past 20 years, Seapine has grown into a multi-product company and globally recognized leader in ALM tools. TestTrack has grown, too, from a simple bug tracking tool to a powerful suite of tools that encompass the entire development process. TestTrack: Champion of Quality shines a spotlight (or Bat Signal, if you will) on 20 powerful features you may not be aware of, even if you’re a longtime user. Inside this ebook, you'll learn how TestTrack's superpowers can help you:
  • Conquer compliance
  • Shine a spotlight on critical data
  • Stand vigilant over change
  • Defeat the Auditor, Scope Creep, and other villains seeking to steal your product quality
And more! TestTrack: Champion of Quality