June 30, 2016

TestTrack Superpower #7: Email Tracking

Helix ALM
Create an Eternal Archive with Email TrackingWhen superheroes go up against a foe they’ve faced before, they turn to their archives to remind themselves of how the battle went last time. TestTrack email tracking is one way you can create your own archive. Email tracking stores email correspondence as a fully searchable, easily visible part of a TestTrack item, keeping all information related to the item accessible to the team rather than scattered across individual mailboxes.

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Learn more about email tracking and other superpowers in TestTrack: Champion of Quality! Over the past 20 years, Seapine has grown into a multi-product company and globally recognized leader in ALM tools. TestTrack has grown, too, from a simple bug tracking tool to a powerful suite of tools that encompass the entire development process. TestTrack: Champion of Quality shines a spotlight (or Bat Signal, if you will) on 20 powerful features you may not be aware of, even if you’re a longtime user. Inside this ebook, you'll learn how TestTrack's superpowers can help you:
  • Conquer compliance
  • Shine a spotlight on critical data
  • Stand vigilant over change
  • Defeat the Auditor, Scope Creep, and other villains seeking to steal your product quality
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