August 28, 2014

TestTrack Web Challenge Part 1: Reviewing Documents

Helix ALM
Question: Can I do my job without using the TestTrack native client? We have a new TestTrack web client that allows users to accomplish most tasks an average user would attempt. How does use of the TestTrack web client work in actual practice, you might ask? That's why I decided to take part in the TestTrack Web Challenge (TT Web Challenge). What is the TT Web Challenge?Goal: Accomplish all of the tasks I've been assigned using only the TestTrack web client (TT web). Rules:
  1. I cannot use the native client for any reason
  2. I am allowed only one web session at a given time
   TT Web Challenge Part 1: 'The Reviewer' [caption id="attachment_1932" align="alignnone" width="300"]The Reviewer The Reviewer[/caption] Recently, I’ve been tasked with reviewing a large feature's functional design. Reviewing a document with several requirements can be done quite quickly on the web and native TestTrack clients. However, reviewing a document with 354 requirements gives me good reason to pause and consider the best method of review. Given that I cannot use the native client as part of my challenge, I considered a few options: - Printing the report would mean killing a whole forest of trees and then some* [caption id="attachment_1933" align="alignnone" width="182"]trees So many trees felled[/caption] - I could just read the document using TT web—Hey that’s part of my challenge isn’t it? - What if I read the document using TT web AND did it on an iPad? Tell me a better option why don’t you! As you can very well guess, I reviewed the document using an iPad**. Reviewing the document using TT web on a tablet is similar to reading a book. Staring at a screen, while digesting the vast amounts of design, was made easier by the ability to change location and sit on a couch. While I stuck to my challenge’s rules by only using TT web, I had to change the machine I was using to accomplish this. [caption id="attachment_1931" align="alignright" width="300"]ipad1 Good Old Fashioned Reviewing![/caption] iPad usage aside, you may ask ‘What are the benefits of reviewing a document in the TT web client?’ My first response would have to be ‘Have you ever used our product?’ My second response would be ‘The TT web client is DESIGNED for reviewing documents!’. With TT web, the Specification Document does not have two modes that you have to toggle like you do in the native client. The web client places the requirements and review notes all in one convenient location for reviewing. This made my document review day something I enjoy and not something I attempt to avoid, like writing test cases on the web. Please stay tuned for the much anticipated TT Web Challenge Part 2: Test Case Writing!       *My estimates may be a little off **Please note the iPad is not currently a supported device for the TestTrack web client. While it does work for reviewing documents there is functionality that does not function because it's not supported.