February 12, 2014

Trace Early, Trace Often to Improve Your Development Process

Requirements Management
Trace Early, Trace OftenMore and more companies are finding that building their trace matrix early, and maintaining that information throughout the development cycle, can greatly improve their development process. Early in the process, the trace matrix improves the collaboration between design and verification resulting in more efficient and effective testing. By incorporating risk and hazard artifacts into the matrix, it also helps the team to better mitigate hazards and prove their risk-based approach to the FDA. Matt Harp takes a deeper look at the benefits you can gain by completing your trace matrix earlier in "Trace Early, Trace Often to Improve Your Development Process," an article on R&D Magazine's web site. Take a few minutes and read it now. How early in the process do you create your traceability matrix? At the beginning of a project, so you can take advantage of it throughout the development process? Or do you wait until the end, and generate it as an item on your compliance checklist?