November 23, 2016

Webinar Recording and Q&A : What's New in TestTrack 2016.1

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who attended the TestTrack 2016.1 Sneak Peek webinar last week. The webinar recording is now available if you weren’t able to attend or if you would like to watch it again. The Q&A from the webinar follows.


When will the release be available? TestTrack 2016.1 is expected to be ready to ship December 19, 2016. Can attachments be transferred to JIRA? Not in the 2016.1 release. But once you’ve created a JIRA issue in TestTrack, it’s easy to open the issue in JIRA and add additional information. Is an extra license required to use the JIRA integration? No. There is no additional TestTrack license required to use the JIRA integration. Your users will, of course, need a JIRA license. Can I attach JIRA issues to requirements? Yes. JIRA issues can be attached to any type of TestTrack item. Is there a JIRA add-on? Not yet. Look for this is a future release!