October 7, 2010

Webinar Recording: Extending and Automating the TestTrack SDK

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Extending and Automating the TestTrack SDK webinar. The recording is now available if you missed the webinar or want to watch it again. Q&A from the session is below. You can also download the slides and sample code from this webinar. The next session, Zen Mastery of the TestTrack SDK, is scheduled for October 20th. If you’re already registered for the series, you’ll receive the meeting information in the next few days.

Download video in mp4 format


Is there a way to search defects by criteria without needing a filter or without returning every TestTrack item and having to manually filter the list? You can perform a simple search with the GetDefect function, which can take a number or summary. If you need to search for something else you have to use a filter. Is there a way to add/copy notify users for a defect through the SDK? No, you can’t access the “notify users” functionality through the SDK right now. Is there a way to get the folder hierarchy through a SOAP function? Yes there is, and that’s a new function for Test Track 2011. With the 2011 release we’re introducing a new CTreeNode class. The CTreeNode class will take the folder’s recordID and a list of other CTreeNode objects that represent the children underneath that node. You can use the recursive data structure to build up the folder tree hierarchy, and you can also use that same data structure to get the hierarchy for a specification document. How can I get a list of test variants? You can use the GetDropdownFieldsForTable function with the table set as “Test Variants” to get the list of test variant fields. Then, use the GetDropdownFieldValuesForTable, specifying each individual variant field, to get the actual values for each of your variants.