January 3, 2011

Webinar: A Software Manager's Guide to Defining Testing for an Agile Age

Transitioning from current development methodologies to Agile can be very difficult for testers. Software managers need to provide the leadership needed for testers to apply their craft in an environment where change is constant. This webinar will explain how both testing and the role of testers change in an Agile development environment, and how managers can help testing teams adapt to those changes and consistently deliver quality software. During this 60-minute webinar, you'll learn how to:
  • Make testers an integral part of the Agile team, ensuring that testing is present throughout the iteration or release cycle.
  • Transition from documentation-heavy requirements to effectively working with user stories in creating test cases and acceptance criteria.
  • Leverage existing testing skills while working with developers and users to improve team agility without sacrificing quality.

While you wait for the webinar, check out Seapine's Agile Expedition. This web-based learning series will be greatly beneficial if you're new to Agile, or want to learn more about empowering not only developers, but also quality assurance, product owners, and ultimately, your customers through timely communication and collaboration.