July 15, 2009

What is your Methodology?

One of the key strengths of Seapine's suite of tools is that they can adapt to many methodologies. One of the tasks that I am often faced with is adapting our tools to a client's methodology. Some clients use the tried and true waterfall method, others use SCRUM, others use a combination of various methodologies, while other clients don't use a specific methodology (which is why they asked for our help in the first place). Which one is the most popular? Does it depend on the size of the team? Does it depend on the industry? Depending on who you talk to, or which article you read, some folks feel that SCRUM is better for smaller teams. Others would tell you that waterfall works best in heavily regulated industries because it is more rigid and tends to be a more enforced process, while some would argue that any Agile methodology could also work if implemented correctly. We haven't even discussed other methodologies, like Cowboy Coding. I am curious as to which methodologies Seapine users currently use. Seapine's customer base is varied as you can see from our customer list. We have customers whose user base is small (under 10 users) and we also have customers that have a large user base (1,000s of users). The industries where you will find our tools is just as varied, from e-commerce web sites to government contractors to medical device companies. Because of this variety I would expect varied answers. What methodology do you currently use? Add a comment to let us know. This question is not limited to just source code and defect management, but to the entire application lifecycle. Feel free to also share why the adopted methodology works for your team and how our toolset helped you implement the methodology.