January 11, 2017

What's New in TestTrack 2016.1 Documentation

Application Lifecycle Management

TestTrack 2016.1 was recently released and has a lot of nice enhancements. Here are some documentation updates that can help you get familiar with what's new. Note: Links to both TestTrack desktop and web client help are provided where applicable.

Jira integration

If some teams in your organization use TestTrack and others use Jira, you can integrate TestTrack with Jira to improve collaboration. For example, the QA team may use TestTrack for test case management and the development team may use Jira for bug tracking. When a test fails, a tester can create a new Jira issue from the TestTrack test run. A developer can then view the issue in Jira and fix it. Teams may also attach Jira tasks to TestTrack requirements to show that the items are related across the applications. Here are some help topics about the TestTrack Jira integration. Integrating with Jira Learn what the TestTrack Jira integration is and high-level steps to configure and use it. This is a good starting point for everyone. Desktop client | Web clientConfiguring Jira integration Learn how to configure the TestTrack Jira integration for your team. For administrative users who configure TestTrack or Jira. DesktopWorking with Jira issues Find out what actions you can perform related to Jira when working in TestTrack. Desktop | WebAttaching Jira issues to TestTrack items Learn how to attach one or more Jira issues to a TestTrack item to show they are related. Desktop | WebCreating Jira issues from TestTrack items Learn how to create a new Jira issue from a TestTrack item and automatically attach it to the item it is created from…all without leaving TestTrack. Desktop | WebViewing Jira issues attached to TestTrack items See how to open Jira issues attached to a specific TestTrack item to view the details. Desktop | Web

Rich text editing improvements

Working with multi-line text fields is now easier and more features are available. The following help topics provide more information. Formatting text fields Learn how to change the appearance of text, and insert links, images, tables, and more in multi-line text fields. Desktop | WebInserting images Learn how to add images to multi-line text fields. It is now easier to edit and resize images in these fields. Desktop | Web

Other enhancements

TestTrack Web refresh TestTrack Web introduces a more modern, cleaner user interface that provides a better user experience. See the TestTrack Web help for information about using the web client. Searching for items by number Learn how you can now search by item number in the Find dialog box. Desktop

ERD improvements

If you work with TestTrack databases, you'll be happy to know that TestTrack Server and project database ERDs are now provided in HTML format, making them easy to work with and navigate. See the TestTrack ERDs knowledgebase article for links to the ERDs.

Remember, you can always find help on our web site. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.