October 6, 2015

Work Locally, Scale Globally. Introducing Helix GitSwarm by Perforce

Git at Scale

For the last several weeks we’ve written about the limitations of using Git in larger enterprises, among distributed teams, and within modern release practices. Today we’re excited to say that we’ve done something about it. 

With today’s launch of Helix GitSwarm—our comprehensive Git ecosystem based on the popular GitLab collaboration suite—we’ve addressed several major challenges around using Git in the enterprise. No longer do companies with hundreds of developers using Git have to stitch multiple <1 GB repos together at build-time. No longer do companies using Git burden DevOps with many fragmented repos, including those that store other assets like multimedia, CAD files, and other large binaries.

GitSwarm solves these and other issues by automatically and painlessly mirroring Git repos into our massively scalable Helix Versioning Engine. This opens a new set of capabilities for larger teams, including:

  • Share code and content across teams using Git, Perforce, or both

  • Control distribution of code through “narrow” cloning into Git repos
  • Enjoy cross-repo visibility and tracking

  • Enable development teams to collaborate using Git workflow

  • Simultaneously maintain a "trunk" to simplify project coordination and to power Continuous Delivery

GitSwarm works with Helix to provide the best of both workflow worlds:

  • Use Git for what it does best: pushing code, reviewing, commenting, and tracking issues

  • Administer Git repos easily, quickly creating new projects and assigning members

  • Secure your intellectual property with project visibility controls, protected branches, and a wide range of permissions

  • Support centralized authentication via LDAP

  • Use Git hooks for validation and automation

By integrating Git workflow with a centralized workflow, Perforce Helix addresses the limitations of native Git and other Git management solutions. It meets the scalability required by modern DevOps practices and supports enterprise-class digital asset management, global distribution, high performance at petabyte scale, quality, security, process management, and governance.

In short, it lets your developers work locally while your company scales globally. 

Watch a demo of GitSwarm here to learn more about how it works. Or download GitSwarm to give it a try today.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new offering.