January 15, 2014

Write Better Requirements With These 9 Tips

Requirements Management
9 Tips for Writing Useful Requirements If you work for a company that has explicitly defined standards for writing product requirements, consider yourself lucky. Most organizations don't have the benefit of documented standards, often resulting in confusion and miscommunication due to poorly written requirements. If you don’t have the benefit of documented standards, Seapine's new guide, 9 Tips for Writing Useful Requirements, can help you create requirements that are clear and concise. The nine tips detailed in the guide will help you:
  1. Keep your audience in mind
  2. Provide relevant information
  3. Write in a way everyone can understand
  4. Find the ideal length
  5. Be more visual
  6. Create a checklist or template for consistency
  7. Establish clear ownership
  8. Communicate the requirement's status
  9. Leverage feedback to improve further
The guide also includes a checklist of tips to review as you write requirements. Download your free copy of 9 Tips for Writing Useful Requirements and improve the clarity and overall quality of your requirements today.