ITSO Limited Adds Full ALM Suite for Centralized Lifecycle Management

ITSO Limited operates public transportation smart ticketing systems throughout Great Britain. But as they grew, they found they needed a single software solution for the entire lifecycle. Helix ALM proved to be the answer.

How Helix ALM Helps ITSO

Customizable Without Requiring Configuration


Easily Migrates Existing Data

More Accurate Cost Estimates

Helix TCM not just a centralized repo, but a set of professional tools to improve business functions.

Working with Helix from Perforce saved us an incredible amount of time and money right from the very beginning."

Limited Test Management Capabilities Lead to Growing Pains

By 2014, ITSO operated more than 60,000 point of service terminals. They supported billions of transactions each year. But with growth came growing pains.

Data was siloed, difficult to search, and limited to a single user at a time. With a goal of making all public transportation systems in the UK ITSO-compliant, they needed to expand their test management capabilities.

"We had been relying on a combination of Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDFs for everything from scope generation to tracking results to running reports — there were bits and pieces everywhere," says Methushala Yerraguntla, ITSO senior analyst.

Finding a Test Case Management Solution in Helix TCM

ITSO needed a single software solution for the entire test case lifecycle. Helix TCM — a test case management tool from Perforce — turned out to be the answer. The ITSO team compared dozens of software solutions, eventually narrowing the list to Helix TCM. What sealed the deal?

Helix TCM allowed them to:

  • Customize without requiring configuration.
  • Centralize each step in the testing process.
  • Migrate existing data, saving work that was already done. Other software they considered would require them to do it all over again.

"Working with Perforce Software saved us an incredible amount of time and money right from the very beginning," says Yerraguntla.

"We already had all our documentation in place with test scripts and specifications. The company helped us create a custom program to import those existing specs into the Helix TCM database, so we didn't lose the massive amounts of work we had already done."

How the Helix ALM Suite Helps ITSO

ITSO had an array of ticketing machines to test. Because of this, they configured Helix TCM to automatically provide accurate requirements, scope, and testing protocols. No matter what machine was assessed or which Specification it needed, Helix TCM automatically provided this information.

Helix TCM's traceability and custom controls also saved ITSO days of effort in test scoping alone. This was something they used to contract out, but can now accomplish in-house.

ITSO didn’t just use Helix for test case management – they also used the full Helix ALM suite. This allowed them to map test cases and scripts based on the technical specifications. They also organized and traced their issue management process. The team executed tests, viewed results and reports, and saw everything in one place.

"Helix ALM reduced our margin for error by implementing a level of automation and integration across all stages of our process," says Yerraguntla. "It's not just a centralized repository, but a set of professional tools that improves how we function as a business."

How ITSO Completes a Project in Helix ALM

Here’s how ITSO uses Helix ALM for their projects:

  1. An ITSO member submits an application form specifying what functions and technical details they would like to certify.
  2. Helix ALM automatically selects the correct parameters based on the application information.
  3. Helix ALM generates both the test cases and test scope.
  4. The certification and testing services team designs the process flow in Helix ALM and sends it, along with the test scope, to the member.
  5. ITSO readjusts the tests and the scope based on client feedback.
  6. ITSO provides an estimate of the project's cost and timeline — also right in Helix ALM.

"Our cost estimates are much more accurate using Helix TCM because they're directly linked to the applications and the test scopes," Yerraguntla said.

Helix ALM Delivers Results

After implementation, ITSO saw positive results within the first year. When tests fail, not only do they know why, but they also have the details to support it in an actionable form. And that information is a big help to their members.

"We configured Helix ALM to include problem statements right in the client reports and to feed any issues into a compliance procedure we can hand them as well," says Yerraguntla. "Now our members have a clear path to resolution in their hands."

If the machines don't work properly, ITSO members lose revenue both directly in terms of downtime and repairs, and indirectly via unhappy customers.

Adds Sheila MacDonald, ITSO communications advisor, “Helix ALM helps us deliver the aim of smart ticketing to make travel on public transportation more convenient and easy to use. That's good for our members and good for us."

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