What Is Application Lifecycle Management?

Application lifecycle management solutions help you manage the life of a product from initial concepts through retirement.

Managing your application lifecycle is important.

You need to produce quality applications on time. And that means you need visibility and control over the entire application lifecycle.

But that can be a challenge if you're:

  • Tracking bugs with Jira.
  • Managing requirements in Microsoft Word documents.
  • Keeping track of test cases in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Take control of your application development lifecycle. 

With an application lifecycle management solution — like Helix ALM — you'll be able to manage issues, requirements, and tests in one spot. You can even keep tracking bugs in Jira, if you want. 

And that means you'll be able to develop quality software on top — and make your customers happy. 


Visibility Over Everything

Requirements. Issues. Tests. 


End-to-End Traceability

Trace everything across the application lifecycle. 


Easy Collaboration

Make it easy for everyone— developers, QA managers, testers, business analysts — to collaborate.


Agile Development

Use whatever flavor of Agile you want — Scrum, Kanban, XP, hybrid.

Application Lifecycle Management White Papers

Dive deeper into application lifecycle management topics. 

Centralize and track details across the application lifecycle and manage devolopment

Keep Everything in One Spot with ALM Solutions

It's the only way to get a single source of truth. 

And with a single-vendor solution like Helix ALM, you always have the most current information in one place.

That means you'll know the test case linked to a user story is always the current test case. You'll be able to trust that the status of a fixed defect is always recent. And you'll be confident that your reports are always accurate.

Detailed investigation and analysis

Prove Compliance With Application Lifecycle Management

Trace from user stories through test cases, test results, resolutions, and source code.

Helix ALM brings it all together to give you the end-to-end traceability you need. And drawing connections across the development lifecycle makes it easier to prove compliance. You'll be able to rest easy that you have the audit trail you need.

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