Why You Need ALM Reporting

An ALM reporting solution helps you measure productivity and gives you insight to plan better projects.


Measure What Matters

Get visibility over the metrics that matter most to you — from productivity to quality. 


Report on Everything

Report on your projects from design through testing. You'll get the full picture with end-to-end traceability. 


Measure Productivity in Agile Projects

Measuring productivity in Agile projects (and tracking performance) is easier with the right solution. 

Analyze Bug Counts

Report on bug counts across releases. And analyze trends to stop bugs from recurring. 


Deliver Reports On Time

Management expects to see relevant reports in a timely fashion. So, meet their expectations. 


Get the Truth

Your ALM reports should have all of the current information in one spot. 

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Define Project Management Reporting Metrics

Which ALM reporting metrics matter most? 

Productivity? Quality? Defects? Test cases?

You need to keep an eye on everything. So, define your metrics across teams and projects — and get real-time insight in your reports.

An ALM reporting solution will help you view and report across multiple projects and teams, even if they are spread across the globe. 

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Track Project Details

Keep an eye on every project's lifecycle.

You need to deliver up-to-date reports on your project as it progresses. That can be a challenge when you're monitoring requirements in one spot — and managing tests in another. 

Luckily, you can manage everything in one spot. ALM reporting solutions make it easy to keep track of:

  • Requirements
  • Test cases
  • Test results
  • Resolutions
  • Source code
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Get Total Clarity

Gain visibility across the development lifecycle.

When will you be ready to ship? What's the impact of changes? Who is assigned what tasks? What are the weak points in your products? 

Get clear answers to these questions. When you capture all information about development artifacts in one spot, you'll achieve total clarity. And that means you'll have accurate reports, and you'll be able to make better decisions. 

See how VirtualScopics did ALM reporting. 

Read the case study

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Get Faster ALM Reporting

Management expects instant insights. 

So, keep them in the loop with timely reports. 

After all, it's easy to drown in the flood of information captured during product development. That's why you need ALM reporting that cuts to the chase. 

You can use dashboards and reports to:

  • Measure impact
  • Monitor burn down rates
  • Track project progress
  • Measure productivity
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Monitor Performance

Measuring productivity is especially important in Agile projects.

And you can achieve real-time visibility into testing progress. 

That means visibility into whether your project is on time — or behind or ahead of schedule. You'll see who is assigned to what task. And you'll know if they're completing their tasks on time. That gives you greater insight into issues or roadblocks that threaten a project's schedule — or budget.

After all, productive teams keep your project on time. 

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