Project Planning for Complex Product Development

Gain insight into every stage of the development lifecycle with fact-based reviews of projects and teams.


View Metrics

View schedule and quality metrics across multiple teams and projects.


End-to-End Traceability

Trace project work from design through development and testing.


Investigate Performance

Investigate test plan performance across teams.

Analyze Bug Counts

Analyze bug counts across release cycles.


Report Accurately

Deliver relevant reports in a timely manner to management via email or the web.


Single Source of Truth

Always have the most current information in one place. 

Online code collaboration platforms like Helix TeamHub facilitate collaborative and intuitive code reviews

Project Management for Distributed Teams

View schedules and quality metrics across multiple teams and projects

Helix ALM automatically imports data from other product databases and stores it in a separate database for reporting purposes. This allows you to view and report on multiple projects and teams, even if they are spread out across the globe.

Track changes image

Track All Project Details

Trace project work from design through development and testing

With all your information managed and linked within Helix ALM's seamlessly integrated suite of tools, end-to-end traceability becomes a snap. With a few clicks, you can trace from requirements through test cases, test results, resolutions, and source code.

Bug reporting and analysis

Achieve Absolute Clarity

Gain visibility across the development lifecycle

Knowing when you are ready to ship, the impact of changes, who is assigned what tasks to complete, the weak points in your product, and so on, are answerable through visibility across the development lifecycle. With Helix ALM capturing all information about development artifacts, including ownership, status, and relationships, you can achieve absolute clarity, with fewer surprises and the ability to make better decisions.

Metrics and reports

Stand and Report

Deliver relevant reports to management faster

It's easy to drown in the flood of information captured during product development, but you still need to make timely decisions. Helix ALM reporting has you covered. Customizable dashboards and reports help you measure impact, burn down rates, track project progress, and measure productivity to stay on top of quality. Plus, Helix ALM's folders, tabbed list windows, and lightning fast item list filters greatly reduce the need to create and run traditional reports.

Detailed investigation and analysis

Conduct a Thorough Investigation

Investigate test plan performance across teams

Achieve real-time visibility into testing progress. Trace business and system requirements through the testing process, and verify that all requirements and areas of integration have been tested. You will also gain greater insight into the issues or roadblocks that threaten a project’s schedule or budget.

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