Why You Need Requirements Management

It's the only way to effectively implement and monitor requirements across the application lifecycle. Requirements management tools can set, manage, and track requirements.

Centralize Requirements

Get your stakeholders on the same page, so they can collaborate effectively. 

Track Requirements

You can't just set and forget your requirements. You need to track them throughout the entire development lifecycle. 


Automate Traceability

Requirements traceability is important for mapping which requirements are related to which test cases and bugs. 

Do Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is critical for understanding how a change in requirements affects other requirements (and test cases). 


Meet Compliance

Your requirements are likely set with compliance in mind. And if they're not, they should be. 

Reduce Requirements Churn

Requirements churn happens when your requirements changes. But you can reduce how much they change. 

Image Resources Analyzing Impact Requirement Changes

How to Do an Impact Analysis

What will happen if your requirements change? Doing an impact analysis can help you understand exactly what affect a change will have.

Download Analyzing the Impact of Requirements Change to learn:

  • When to do an impact analysis
  • How to do an impact analysis
  • What to look for in requirements management software
Identify Document and Centralize Requirements

Identify, Document, and Centralize Requirements

Get all stakeholders swimming together in the same direction.

Communicating requirements is key to making sure your requirements are actually met. When you document your requirements in Microsoft Office applications, you risk requirements being lost in the shuffle. And that leads to stakeholders who are all on different pages.

You can bring them together by organizing and prioritizing requirements in one spot — with a requirements management solution.

Track and Trace Requirements

Track and Trace Your Requirements

Set up a requirements traceability matrix. 

Requirements traceability gives you visibility and insight you can use to make better decisions. That's because you'll know how requirements relate to other artifacts in the development lifecycle — like test cases or defects. 

Maintaining a requirements traceability matrix using Microsoft Office is hard. But you can make it easier by implementing a requirements management solution. 

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Control Changes to Requirements

Understand how changing a requirement impacts other requirements.

Requirements don't exist in a bubble. Some requirements might be dependent on others. And requirements are often linked to other artifacts, like test cases and defects. 

But it can be hard to understand the exact relationship between different development artifacts. Unless you have a requirements management solution. Then you'll be able to understand the scope of changes in the context of the entire project.

And that means you can make better choices about which requirements changes to approve. 

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Manage Compliance Requirements

You probably have requirements to stay compliant.

Especially if you're in a regulated industry, like medical devices. Tracking your requirements — and creating an audit trail for compliance — is difficult if you do it manually. 

But with a requirements management solution, it's easy to get visibility over your requirements. That means you'll always be able to track your requirements — and every last artifact related to those requirements.

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5 Practices for Reducing Requirements Churn

Requirements churn shouldn't be the norm. Learn how to keep requirements churn in check. 

Download 5 Practices for Reducing Requirements Churn to get tips like:

  • Use shorter release cycles
  • Set a limit, then reassess
  • Reduce review fatigue

Get the full scoop. 

Take Control of Your Requirements

See for yourself how easy it can be to set, track, and manage requirements across the development lifecycle. Try Helix ALM free for 30 days. 

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