What Is a Test Plan?

A test plan defines the scope and activities of software testing. 

Thoroughly testing products before they hit the market is crucial. But it's not always easy to make sure the right tests have been run. That's why you need a smart test planning and testing management solution.


Test Planning Allows You To...

Track Every Test

Track every last detail of your test cases in one spot. 


Get Organized

Store your test cases, so you can find (and use) them again. 

Keep It Safe

Make sure your source files and other assets are protected.


Automate All Day

Run automated tests around the clock.


Establish Relationships

Link test cases, requirements, and defects for total traceability.


Meet Compliance

Create the test track record you need to stay compliant. 

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Succeed at Test Case Management

For starters, you need to track your tests...

After all, testing software applications can require thousands of unique test cases. Running them — and trying to manage their results — can be challenging. It's all too easy to fail at testing (and let down your entire organization). 

Make your tests successful. Learn how to write and execute test cases, track results, and manage defects. 

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Test Planning With Helix ALM

Solve Test Planning Problems

Keep all of your test artifacts in one spot.

Many organizations store their test cases, test runs, and defects in disparate places.

Take RSA Insurance. They kept each test artifact in a different spot and used manual processes to manage testing. And that made it difficult to go from one project to the next. 

Today, their test cases, test runs, and defects are all stored in the same spot — and they no longer have testing problems.


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Reduce Risk with Exploratory Testing

Don't open your products up to hidden risk...

There are so many things you need to test to make sure your products are ready to ship. But not every organization thinks of going beyond scripted tests and doing exploratory testing.

Exploratory testing can unearth hidden risks you wouldn't otherwise encounter. Learn how to do it. 

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Test Software (Without Surprises)

Traceability is a must in software testing.

By linking test cases, requirements, and defects, you'll guarantee traceability. That cuts down on unwanted surprises during the testing process. But knowing how to get started with traceability can be a challenge.

Some software testing tools help you with traceability. If you don't have the right tool, you'll need to improve traceability on your own.

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Stop Struggling with Test Planning

Staying compliant is hard when you only have spreadsheets.

If you're in a regulated industry (like medical devices), you know how important compliance is. But establishing an audit trail is hard if you don't have the right tools. 

It's time to stop struggling and fix your testing problems.

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Measure and Report on Tests

Test results are just as important as the tests themselves.

But without the right test planning solution, reporting on test results is a challenge. 

Integra Telecom, for instance, used to have to wait for IT to go through testing data to produce reports. Today, they have Helix TCM for testing management. Instead of waiting for IT, Integra can see all of the tests and results in one spot. 

And that means Integra can make quick, smart decisions using their test results. 


Make a Smart Test Plan

With Helix TCM — the test planning side of Helix ALM — it's easy. See for yourself. Try it free for 30 days. You'll get to create test plans, run tests, and manage test cases. By the end of the trial, you'll know if Helix TCM is right for you. 

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