The landscape for software testing has never been so broad. Applications today interact with other applications through APIs. And in return they leverage legacy systems, while they grow in complexity from one day to the next in a nonlinear fashion. So what does that mean for analysts, developers, and testers?

The2016-17 World Quality Report suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) will help. “We believe that the most important solution to overcome increasing QA and Testing Challenges will be the emerging introduction of machine-based intelligence,” the report states.

We have witnessed the mobile and computer revolution — now similarly — AI is revealing its potential; not only by the way we live, but also within the majority of industries. And software testing is no exception.

Facebook and Google aren’t the only companies applying AI techniques. In this session, we will explore how software testers can leverage AI and how tools may need to evolve. For instance, Helix ALM accelerates the development-to-release process, catches bugs earlier, and supports the transition to new development techniques.

In this webinar, we also discuss three key elements that will significantly change software development with the evolution of “artificial intelligence”.

Don't Fear AI in Software Testing

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