The 2020.3 release is here, and we think you’ll love it. (We do!) It’s the Helix ALM baseline release.

Whether you need to survive an audit or quickly compare product revisions, baselines can save time, provide insight, and spare you from review fatigue.

Baselines preserve data for a collection of items at a point in time, such as a project milestone. Information in a baseline cannot be modified, so they provide a reliable way to see historical information about your products and releases at scale.

In this webinar, efficiency guru Tom Totenberg covers this robust new feature. He shows you how to:

  • Add baselines.
  • View differences between two baselines.
  • Run baseline differences reports.
  • Manage an expanding library of baselines over time

You’ll also learn about an enhancement to security groups, which empowers your team leads without exposing Helix ALM to vulnerability.

Need to get baselines?

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