Beyond Jira: When Issue Tracking Alone Isn’t Enough

Struggling to trace bugs back to requirements or test cases? Trying to estimate the schedule impact of a requirement, user story, or code change? Scrambling to provide sufficient evidence for a compliance audit? If so, it’s a good time to move beyond issue tracking only and embrace a modern, end-to-end ALM solution.

Because issue tracking is an essential link in the ALM toolchain, it’s where many companies start. If yours is one of those companies, you may use Atlassian’s Jira for issue tracking and light project management.

But if it’s quality, predictability, or compliance you need, issue tracking is not enough. So how do you protect your Jira investment while achieving the speed and visibility benefits of Modern ALM?

Learn the benefits of integrating your current Jira instance with Helix ALM. Rick Riccetti, Perforce’s CTO of ALM Solutions, and Nico Krüger, Technical Solutions Engineer for Perforce, will show you the features Helix ALM brings to the table, such as:

  • Integrated Bug Tracking, Test Management, and Requirements Management
  • Automatic Linking and Traceability
  • Instant Traceability Matrices
  • Backwards and Forwards Impact Analysis

How to Find Jira Alternatives

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